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You submit your application via our online form and send us the application fee.

Your wiPay account will be activated within 24 hours as soon as the application fee is received.

You will be provided with an easy-to-use merchant online interface where you can set up multiple products/services and manage your account.

For each product you sell online, you set the price plus a LandingPage URL where you would like the buyers to be directed to after the payment is processed.

Our system will generate a PayLink for each product you set up.

All you need to do is to cut and paste the PayLink on to your web page.

When a customer clicks on the PayLink, our system will process the payment in real time.

If the payment is processed successfully, the customer will be redirected to the LandingPage URL as you specified.

Our system will send an automatic email to the customer ask them to confirm the reception of the product by clicking on a Confirmation Link provided by our system.. 

When the customer clicks on the confirmation link, money will be credited into your account.

Each month at the date that you have nominated, we will pay you the balance of your account for the previous month, after deducting the monthly fee and transaction fees.

You will have an interface to manage all the orders and accounting stats from our website.


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